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Co-Founder & Head of Strategy
Foday David Kamara is a passionate environmentalist and social entrepreneur with over 3 years of experience in the climate and environmental sector. He is a former Alumnus of the Young African Leaders Network and an International Youth and Professional Delegation of the World Forestry Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea. As a co-founder of Ecovironment, he is Head of Strategy, investors Relations and partnerships. He is on a mission to make Sierra Leone and the world a more sustainable place free from environmental degradation, especially plastic pollution.
Program Manager
Titilayo Oyedele is passionate about the role of forestry in the environment. She has consistently been engaged in community development for the last few years. She has over three years of experience throughout Nigeria and a unique understanding of techniques regarding community engagement in environmental project activities.
Project Advisor
Mr. Mike Musgrave has diverse experience in developing manufacturing, construction, environmental, consultancy, forestry and conservation businesses in Africa.  He has over 20 years of experience throughout South-central Africa and a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities of business, research and development in less- industrialised countries.
Project Advisor
Christiana Biankoe has engaged in community development work for over 13 years working in the private sector in Sierra Leone. She has diverse experience in youth empowerment projects to undertake livelihood projects through income-generating activities and soft loan schemes for youth to be self-reliant in rural and urban areas of Sierra Leone. She understands the different cultures, challenges and opportunities to establish strong relations with community stakeholders, partners, and associates who participate in development project activities.
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