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Our Founder- Foday David Kamara, won the Inaugural Global Young Climate Prize in New York.

The World Around Young Climate Prize is a prestigious global biannual award and mentorship program that aims to amplify and accelerate the impact of climate change-focused projects led by young individuals worldwide. The program selects 25 finalists, all under the age of 25, from a pool of applicants from around the globe. These finalists are then paired with mentors from the global design and architecture community, who provide guidance and support throughout the program.

In the months leading up to the award ceremony, the selected cohort participates in a comprehensive academy program consisting of talks and skills workshops. These sessions equip the finalists with valuable knowledge and tools necessary to further develop their climate change projects. After the academy program, the finalists refine and enhance their projects before resubmitting them to an independent international jury for evaluation.

During the evaluation process, the jury, composed of esteemed experts in the field of climate change and design, assesses the projects based on their innovative approach, potential impact, and feasibility. The jury ultimately selects three winners in distinct categories: Young Climate Visionary, Young Climate Designer, and Young Climate Voice. Additionally, a special Jury Prize is awarded to an exceptional project that demonstrates unique qualities and perspectives.

The winners of the latest edition of the Young Climate Prize were recently announced. In the Young Climate Voice category, Pamela Elizarrarás from Mexico was recognized for her remarkable efforts in advocating for climate action and raising awareness among young people. Our co-founder, Foday David Kamara from Sierra Leone, received the Young Climate Designer award for his groundbreaking work in sustainable architecture and design. Namra Khalid from Pakistan was named the Young Climate Visionary for her visionary approach to addressing climate change through innovative solutions. Lastly, Aziba Ekio from Nigeria was honoured with a Special Jury Prize for her outstanding project that exemplified ingenuity and creativity through her poetry.

credit/caption: LateShift x The World Around’s Young Climate Prize, Apr 21, 2023. Photo: Enid Alvarez © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

To celebrate their accomplishments, the winners were invited to attend the award ceremony held at the renowned Guggenheim Museum in New York on the 22nd of April, 2023. The ceremony was attended by over 500 individuals, both physically and virtually, who represented a diverse range of stakeholders in the climate change movement. Among the attendees were UN representatives, climate activists, founders of various organisations, and the presence of influential figures like Alice Rawsthorn from Emergency Design, Dominic Leong from Leong Leong Architecture, and Joseph Henry from Sound Advice at the ceremony underscored the significance of the Young Climate Prize and its commitment to fostering collaboration between the design and architecture community and young climate leaders.

credit/caption: LateShift x The World Around’s Young Climate Prize, Apr 21, 2023. Photo: Enid Alvarez © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

The World Around Young Climate Prize not only recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of these young climate leaders but also provides them with a platform to amplify their voices and inspire others. By nurturing the next generation of climate innovators, this global initiative is driving positive change and shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

The World Around Young Climate Prize is an exceptional program that empowers young climate leaders, connects them with influential mentors, and recognizes their remarkable contributions to addressing the pressing challenges of climate change. The winners of the 2023 edition have proven their dedication, creativity, and passion for building a sustainable future, and their work will undoubtedly inspire others to take action in the fight against climate change

credit/caption: LateShift x The World Around’s Young Climate Prize, Apr 21, 2023. Photo: Enid Alvarez © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

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